November 4, 2019

Press Statement on behalf of the Revolutionary Girls' Baking Society, baking a difference one bizarre confection at a time:

Hello, world. This is the Revolutionary Girls' Baking Society. We are three middle school friends who believe no woman or girl should be shamed by her period.  She should feel confident and not secretive. It should just be the norm. Because it is.

Our families are completely amazed by the groundswell of support, but due to the current social climate and worries about how some people might react to our protest, we have decided to remain anonymous. And while the cookies were all our idea, our parents have joined us in writing this statement.

Because really, we are Every Girl in Every Town across the US and the world who is finding her way in a society that doesn’t want to hear us talk about our bodies and something that is perfectly healthy and perfectly normal. The Twitter post was true, and we want to tell you what happened next.

After our cookie protest, our principal and the school board are now working to make sure every girl in our town will have the products they need readily available so no girl misses a day of school.  We are very grateful that the school has taken our action seriously and is making a change. Feminine hygiene is not a luxury or a privilege, and not having tampons and pads is a barrier to every girl’s education.

Ours is a story of standing up with love and courage for our basic rights. Stand with us and work locally, nationally, and internationally to support the health and rights of all people. Check out or any of the hundreds of organizations working to ensure equal access to education for all.

Your actions can and do make a difference. We know, because ours did. If tampon cookies can spark a revolution, then the possibilities are endless!

The Revolutionary Girls' Baking Society, baking a difference one bizarre confection at a time